The Gathering: the Ivy Blackwood Chronicles

  The Ivy Blackwood Chronicles was a memorable adventure that sold me on the possibilities of erotic romance being a legitimate storytelling medium... when done right. And this tale of supernatural horror certainly fit the bill. With fantastic character design and a well-crafted plot, I tore through the pages on one hell of an exhilerating ride. This tale and its riveting cast will hold a place in my memory for months to come which is saying a lot for someone who never reads romance. I...

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2019 editor's choice (1410 x 2250 px)

The Banshee Series (Books 1-6)

Summary The Banshee Series is a unique concept that succeeds well in most of its aspirations but fails to finish strong. As the title suggests, the story's leading character, Benton, is a Banshee. While the oddity the hero being a banshee is what initially caught my attention, it was the author's use of the Native American setting that really made it stand apart from other supernatural horrors. Plot Author Sara Clancy weaves a complex tale of the supernatural that ranges from ghosts to...

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The Banshee Series 500x800


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