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Reviewer Application

So what are we looking for in our Team Members? What are the benefits? Click the tabs below to learn more.


We are looking for talented and competent Indie Authors or experienced independent book reviewers. We value quality over quantity so don’t hesitate to submit and application if you are relatively new to the community.

While most of us are doing this as a side job amidst busy lives, we need to be able to count on you to deliver content. So what does that mean? Our expectations are simple, One review and one blog post per month will keep you part of the team.

To remain compliant with local and international law, we require all Team Members to be at least 18 years of age. Why? As the site grows, add revenue and commissions will be paid to you as earned income. To stay legal, we need to abide by the good old age of 18 as a minimum.

Unfortunately, the language barrier is an immovable wall in the literary world. All members of the Team must be fluent in English. This doesn’t mean it has to be your first language, but you do need to be proficient enough to write competent reviews. Interested in writing.

So why become a book reviewer, anyway?

Recognition. Build “street cred” with viewers and fellow authors alike as your name becomes recognizable.

Marketing. Similar to the “recognition” angle, this is another way to sell your “author brand” by growing your recognition amongst readers. Additionally, we will feature our own Reviewers’ books above others both here and elsewhere.

Compensation. While initially meager, we do offer authors paid packages to expedite reviews. Anytime you write one of these reviews, you will receive most of that cost minus a small amount that goes toward Indie Bookends to keep us running.

Ad Revenue. As we grow, we will place higher-value adds on our site which will benefit the entire team. Revenue from these ads will be split fairly amongst reviewers with a sliver going toward Indie Bookends upkeep.

Contribution. Yoru efforts will help grow the legitimacy of the Indie Author Community amongst readers. Not only does this benefit you, but thousands other Indie authors as well.

So who is Indie Bookends? Fundamentally, IBE is a cooperative of Indie Authors working together for a mutual benefit. IBE is Legally, IBE is a subsidiary of US Company, Aarden Press LLC, itself, a similar concept of Indie Authors working together in a  Publishing Cooperative. You should consider joining us there as well!

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